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Monday, August 25, 2008

The End Of Cancer

The story of Dr. Hulda Clark is one of a brilliant scientist finding
the cure for cancer, in a world that makes more money, trying to
keep her findings and the rest of the world, believing it's all
a fairy tale. A Canadian, she discovered natural cures for cancer,
and has been persecuted by government, the conventional medical
community and the big drug companies. Dr.
Ph.D.,N.D., is an independent research scientist
who specialized in biology, biophysics and cell physiology.

In 1979 she left government research to begin private consulting
full-time and in 1985 discovered a radio electronic technique for
scanning the human body, (the Syncrometer), which tests for viruses,
bacteria, fungi, parasites, solvents and toxins. This gave her clues
to the cause of cancer, HIV and other diseases. She now operates
a research facility in Tijuana, Mexico, and her health books are
best sellers—in the top 3% of books sold on Dr.
Hulda Clark's Best

Dr. Clark wants to help as many sick people as possible and has
chosen not to patent her work. She believes that the sick have been
held hostage long enough by doctors and the medical industry, and
wants to "de-mystify" the causes of disease. In the preface
of her book "The Cure For All Diseases," she expresses
the spirit of her work: "Wouldn’t it be nice if they
(doctors, suppliers and insurers) could all go back to gardening
or some other primitive and useful endeavor? Wouldn’t it be
wonderful if the sick could join them?"

Only 2 Major Reasons For All Health Problems

Dr. Clark’s theories are based on the simple idea that the
human body heals itself if kept in good condition. No matter how
many symptoms a person has, she identifies only two things wrong:
pollutants (toxins which make it difficult for organs to do their
work) and/or parasites (protozoa, amoeba, worms that use up our
food and give us their wastes).

Her solution to good health is as follows:

Her strategy to return to health is:

1. Kill all parasites, bacteria, viruses
and fungi

2. Remove toxic molds, metals and chemicals
from food and body products,

3. Clear and wash away gallstones,
secretions and debris already formed, that hinder healing,

4. Use herbs and special food factors
to hasten healing, being careful to use only unpolluted products.

Causes Of Cancer...

Dr. Clark discovered that two things are responsible for cancer:
isopropyl alcohol and the human intestinal fluke parasite. She has
found the fluke in every case of cancer, HIV infection, Alzheimer’s,
Crohn’s disease, Kaposi’s, and endometriosis. The fluke
is a flatworm which normally lives in the intestine and passes its
thousands of eggs in the bowel movement. Parasites are meant to
live quietly not to kill you, but when the eggs hatch inside your
body and develop inside you, cancer can develop. If the eggs and
other stages develop in your breast it can become breast cancer;
if it develops in the prostate it can become prostate cancer. A
growth factor is needed to make them multiply and affect the cells.
This growth factor cannot be made without the presence of an abnormal
solvent, isopropyl alcohol. So it is necessary
to kill the fluke and its stages and get rid of isopropyl alcohol.

Parasite Killing

Flatworms, roundworms, protozoa, bacteria and viruses are killed
using a combination of an electronic device called a ‘zapper’
and a herbal parasite
killing program.
Dr. Clark has found that this can
benefit almost every illness. The zapper
is a hand held battery operated (9V) frequency generator that uses
a positively offset square wave to electrocute parasites. Its effectiveness
may be because it regenerates the white blood cells by building
a positive magnetic field in the body. It is a recognised medical
device, which should not however be used by people wearing pacemakers,
or by pregnant women.

The herbal program kills remaining stages throughout the body,
which cannot be reached by the electric current. It consists of
walnut hull tincture, wormwood capsules, and cloves

taken over 3 weeks. A weekly maintenance program is then recommended
to prevent re-infection from the home, pets, undercooked dairy products
and undercooked meat, the latter which she believes is the main
source of intestinal fluke.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

You're Getting On My Nerves...

I just visited some friends of mine at a place I used to work at. The guy is a chef and is on his feet all day. (And he's a young Dad in his early 30's). He was almost hunched over with the pain, he claims is a "pinched nerve" in his disc. That is NO fun! I advised him on some supplements and exercise as follows...

Contrary to what some think, all back pain is not Sciatica, nor is all pain in the lower back, buttocks and legs caused by a herniated disc. We tend to get too freaked out to serious sounding names of diseases and most of us tend to associate even ‘similar’ symptoms to them.

Sciatica is known to be a symptom of a disc problem. Tenderness, tingling, pins and needles, numbness or a burning sensation in a limb is commonly associated with sciatica. Don't be so quick to jump to those conclusions, it doesn't necessarily mean that such pain means a problem with your spine.

It's often caused due to a pinched nerve and does not necessarily mean that you have to rush for treatment of prescription drugs. A pinched nerve is the result of compression, tightening or stretching of a nerve. Nerves that pass over bones are the more vulnerable.

Most of the time, sciatica-like pain can be treated with simple remedies that can be acquired over-the counter. The most recommended treatment is to give the body and specifically the damaged area some rest.

Modify your activities to avoid those that cause or aggravate compression of the affected nerve. Try some muscle strengthening and stretching exercises to work on the affected area to relieve the compression.

Homeopathic Remedies form an integral part of any OTC treatment. Rhus tox, if the pain gets better on applying warmth and Arnica, if it follows an injury are among the most common homoeopathic remedies for pain caused by a pinched nerve. Herbal tea made of equal parts of St. John’s Wort, Siberian Ginseng and Skullcap will also ease pain equally well. More herbs that relieve pain can be found Here.

Here are some suggestions on helping you to relieve the pain:

* A good posture is a precondition for avoiding a pinched nerve.

* Learn how to pick heavy objects properly – bend your knees and not your back.

* Avoid sitting in the same position for long periods.

* If you have a sitting job, invest in an ergonomic chair or take a break every now and then to give rest to tensed muscles.

* Make exercise a part of your daily routine.

* Avoid putting on weight.

* Include Lecithin in your diet; it can help to regenerate nerves.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking Sexy and Being Sexy Is Healthy

I take Vitamins... and I'm out of Vitamin E. My skin is itching some and dry. No major problems, but then I read the info I posted on the site a long time ago and I was reminded of some things that everyone should know.

I know some people that don't buy Vitamins and say they're just fine without them. (So they think...)

Studies have shown that Vitamin E improves insulin action and it exerts a number of beneficial effects that aids in preventing long-term complications of diabetes, especially cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown, that those who took Vitamin E on a regular basis had a 41 % lower risk of heart disease. Other studies have shown that people with existing heart disease, who started taking 400-800 IU of Vitamin E daily, had a 70% reduction in the number of heart attacks as compared to a placebo group.

Note: There are three forms of "E" on the market: (1) 100% Synthetic (2) Blended (contains 95% Synthetic and 5% Natural) (3) 100% Natural. Synthetic E is much less effective (only 5 to 20% as much biological activity) as the 100% Natural form. Synthetic Vitamin E is usually made from petroleum, turpentine, sugar, and artificial preservatives. (Did you get that???)
Don't Buy Synthetic Vitamins!

According to the New York Academy of Sciences, synthetic Vitamin E has been shown to block the absorption of natural Vitamin E from food. The FDA allows the blended form of Vitamin E to be labeled as "Natural E" even though it only contains 5% natural products. (Still think the FDA is out to protect us?) Sorry to burst your bubble... As a result, consumers are mislead into thinking it is a 100% Natural E, when it is not! It's 95% synthetic. The 100% Natural form of Vitamin E is derived from soybeans and contains 5 times more biological activity than the synthetic form.

Guess what happens if you're deficient in Vitamin E? May lead to a rupture of red blood cells, loss of reproductive powers, lack of sexual vitality, abnormal fat deposits in muscles, degenerative changes in the heart and other muscles; dry skin.

I'll be getting my Vitamin E tomorrow!!

You can get info about all the Vitamins and what they do for you as well as herbs at Natural Cures Remedies site.

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