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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Battle Continues In Confusion

It's amazing to me that doctors continue to "practice" ignorance on a scale that rivals the great wall of China!

Oncologists say there's a chance that antioxidant supplements reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but patients are still taking them. Of course they are because they know that antioxidants benefit them.

That's according to a new study, which found that 61 percent of breast cancer patients receiving chemo, radiation, or anti-estrogen drug therapy were taking supplements of antioxidants like vitamins C and E, beta carotene, or selenium.

It's not that doctors have shown conclusively that these antioxidants are bad. They can't! But there's some evidence that the supplements may protect the very cancer cells that chemo and radiation are attempting to destroy. It's a controversial issue; other researchers think that antioxidants protect the healthy tissues but don't interfere with—and may even help—chemo and radiation in their assault on cancerous cells.

We're talking about a "failed system of treatment" here. Chemotherapy is not therapy at all... it's simply a destroyer... of everything in it's path!

There simply aren't enough data to settle the question, says Heather Greenlee, assistant professor of epidemiology and medical oncology at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and lead author of the study, which appears in the journal Cancer. Nor do we know what dose might be problematic, if indeed there is some level of antioxidant use that people undergoing treatment shouldn't exceed. Her study found that among those using antioxidants, 69 percent were using doses higher than are found in a Centrum multivitamin.

To me, it's like saying when I hold a cat under water for several minutes and then put a straw in it's nostril for half that time... they don't seem to die as quickly. (Please, don't write to me about my analogy... I do not dislike cats)

It's like the blind trying to lead the blind in this quagmire of astounding misinformation about how to treat cancer.

With all the wonderful information available there is still such an unfounded trust availed to the medical establishment in the U.S. If you want real results that have many proven testimonials, go here for information and products that actually work to rid your disease rather than "put the cat under water."

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